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About us

Who are we?

Edge Performance is a group of five students from Magdalene Catholic College, competing in the F1 in Schools challenge. Edge Performance are now preparing for the National Finals which will be held in Melbourne from the 9th to the 13th of March 2020.

What is F1 In Schools?

F1 in Schools™ is the biggest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition in the world. Participating in the competition allows for students to learn many life long skills and personal qualities that will be beneficial to the STEM industry of the future. Teams are tasked with the challenge to design, manufacture and race a miniature F1 car as well as market a supporting team brand.

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Meet The Team


As Team Manager, Jack's role in the team is the organisation of every task the team undertakes, as well as developing the time management plan which they follow. Jack reviews every piece of work both Enterprise and Engineering related.

Jack Scettro


As Resource Manager, Mitchell's primary role is the development of our industry connections and collaborations. This includes raising finances, developing a financial budget and organising marketing products and opportunities for the team to benefit from.

Mitchell Phipps


As Design Engineer; Brayden's role in the team is to develop the engineering package behind our car. Using advanced testing and analysis methods to ensure optimal efficiency. As Manufacturing Engineer, Brayden use's the 3D model of the car design and manufacture it into a finished physical product.

Brayden Taylor


As Graphics Designer, Hayden's role in the team is the design and application of the team’s branding. This entails the design of the logo, booth display, uniforms, website and general graphics.

Hayden Richards


Jake works heavily with Brayden to design and develop the aerofoils and overall car shapes, along with completing both real and virtual (CFD) and (FEA) testing and analysis. Researches and tests new materials and technology through constant collaboration with the team, business and industry.

Jake Hyland

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