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New Endeavours

Edge Performance has merged with Frontier Racing to bring you Celestial at the 2020 World Finals.

Celestial will bring all the high-quality Marketing, Branding and engineering you have come to expect from Edge Performance

Achieving Highly Across All Areas

Our team has managed to progress through to an elite level of competition within F1 In Schools. The achievements displayed below are a result of hard work and excellence in each area of the challenge.


Macarthur Regionals Competition

Having stated our presence within the competition, Edge Performance were now recognised as serious competitors within F1 In Schools. The team progressed through to the NSW State Finals representing Macarthur


NSW State Competition

With experienced gained from the year prior, Edge Performance were ready to compete at the state competition to a high standard. This is reflective of the Wild Card entry that the team received, allowing us to be entered in the next level of competition, representing NSW.


Australian Nationals Competition

The Australian National finals for F1 In Schools for 2020 is has been and gone. We as a team were prepared and did our school and state proud with the new innovations and advanced deliverables presented,. We represented our stakeholders to an elite standard

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